About Formula Marketing San Diego

Firstly, Formula Marketing is a digital marketing agency that’s been selected from talented individuals. These individuals are skilled in everything from social media marketing to graphic design. Additionally, this team has been successful when working with other San Diego businesses and the San Diego Convention Center since 2000.

Secondly, we know industry because we ARE industry. Sara Arjmand, the founder of Formula Marketing, managed restaurants in San Diego for the past two decades. She’s an expert on the hospitality industry and loves her job.

Thirdly, Arjmand was inspired when she saw the best restaurants fail due to improper marketing strategies. Later she revived a restaurant and made it to the Top Ten Best Steakhouses in California and Top Five in San Diego. After this achievment, she knew she had the right formula.

Furthermore, it’s common in hospitality to spend thousands to start and maintain your business. Many forget that marketing is an essential part to your long-term success. Marketing isn’t just one event or press article. It’s consistent efforts using the best marketing strategies to reach the largest possible audience.

Moreover, our highly experienced team and data-driven techniques will generate more parties, reservations, and dollars toward your business.

Our unique formula’s unlike other companies, we create more than just an online presence. We create a brand that drives revenue. Our transparent Results Lab, allows you to see the revenue we produce. This straightforward platform is the first of its kind. It allows you to see how your business is growing at your fingertips.

Let us create the formula for the evolution of your business!