About Formula Marketing

Who We Are

Formula Marketing, named 2020’s top digital marketing agency in San Diego, specializes in promoting all things food, drink, and travel. Formula Marketing’s team has been selected from talented individuals who specialize in the hospitality and travel industry. These individuals are skilled in everything from digital marketing, branding, public relations to website design. Additionally, this team has been successful when working with other San Diego businesses and the San Diego Convention Center since the year 2000.

We know the industry because we ARE the industry. Sara Arjmand, one of the founders of Formula Marketing, has managed restaurants in San Diego for the past two decades. As the Director of Operations for the San Diego Dining Group, Sara has been instrumental in the success of a myriad of San Diego’s finest restaurants. She is an expert on all things hospitality and is passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential, especially in these unprecedented times.

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How We Got Here

Working in hospitality since she was just sixteen years old, Arjmand was inspired when she saw even the best restaurants fail due to improper marketing strategies. Studying vigorously and earning her marketing degree from the University of San Diego, she was able to revive a Gaslamp restaurant earning it a spot in the Top Ten Best Steakhouses in California and Top Five in San Diego. After this achievement, she knew she had the right formula.

Both of our leaders, Sara Arjmand and Chris Vasey, have won numerous awards in recognition of their feats in the industry. Sara was recently awarded Woman of the Year in hospitality and tourism, in late 2021, and Chris has a host of web design awards from the city of San Diego. Together, they form an unstoppable team capable of taking any business to the top of their industry.

Why Formula?

Our unique formula and all-encompassing services set us apart from any other marketing agency. Unlike other companies, we are a one-stop-shop that creates so much more than just an online presence. Specializing in all things digital marketing, we are able to create a brand that drives revenue using all platforms. Our highly experienced team and data-driven techniques will generate more parties, reservations, and dollars for your business. Our transparent Results Lab, allows you to see the revenue we produce. This straightforward platform is the first of its kind to show you how your business is growing right at your fingertips.

In the costly startup process, many businesses fail to see the value in a competitive marketing strategy and therefore make the critical mistake of putting marketing on the back burner. Now more than ever, marketing is an essential part of any business’ long-term success. The occasional event, Instagram post, or press article definitely won’t cut it in the tumultuous times we’re currently living in. Here at Formula, we know that a business’ success requires consistent efforts using the best out of the box thinking and marketing strategies to reach the largest possible audience. Let us create the formula for the evolution of your business!