Do you want to drive high quality traffic to your website through organic means? That’s what search engine optimization is all about.

In order to make search engines like Google trust you, you need to rely on SEO. This will boost your website up the ranks, which in turn will generate more traffic, which in turn will translate into conversions.

Here’s an overview of what successful SEO looks like!


Crawlers are programs that search the internet for pages. In order to rank higher, you have to satisfy them, but there’s a catch- they don’t look at pages the same way people do.

It’s advisable that your pages be HTML-based and don’t rely too heavily on images. Java and pictures do not provide the same level of context to crawlers. In order for crawlers to actually access your pages, these have to be linked to.


The content you provide on your page is crucial. It needs to be relevant and trustworthy. In terms of relevance, you need to focus on specific keywords that make sense in your industry. Users will use these when they look you up on Google.

Meta information is also valuable. This includes the title tag, which describes a page’s main topic, and meta description which should describe what visitors can expect from that specific page.

Headings, links, and body content are also important to SEO algorithms.

User experience

Finally, you need to consider your user experience. If a user is not having an easy time on your web page, it won’t show up in top search results.

Fast loading websites that are also optimized for mobile rank highest. Consider why someone may be visiting your page. Is the content relevant? What about ads? If your ads are disrupting their experience, you’ll have a hard time generating conversions. All these things are important for San Diego Local SEO success.

Sounds confusing? Luckily, you can rely on an SEO agency to help you out! Contact us today if you need help with your search engine optimization!