Madam Bonnies

Elevating Gastropub Excellence: Madam Bonnie’s Success Story

The Challenge

Madam Bonnie’s opened in May of 2022. With live Jazz performances every week, the largest continuous bar in Gaslamp district, and rotisserie inspired cooking, Madam Bonnie’s makes for a unique dining experience. However, after working with the same agency for three months and seeing little to no growth, Madam Bonnie’s decided to join forces with Formula Marketing with hopes of generating more brand awareness, elevating their media presence, and driving more traffic into their restaurant.

The Formula

At Formula Marketing, our diverse team of experts has been instrumental in fueling Madam Bonnie’s multi-faceted growth journey. From crafting their dynamic website and engaging graphics to orchestrating an impactful social media presence, we’ve helped Madam Bonnie’s firmly establish their identity within the vibrant Gaslamp community.

Our efforts extended to garnering attention from local news outlets, further fortifying their brand presence. Ensuring brand consistency, we’ve partnered with Madam Bonnie’s to manage their online reputation across platforms like Yelp, while also fine-tuning their outreach through effective email marketing campaigns. Together, we’ve empowered Madam Bonnie’s to thrive and shine in the heart of the community they serve.

The Results

Our collaborative efforts with Madam Bonnie’s have yielded exceptional outcomes that have left a lasting mark on their growth trajectory. The dynamic website we crafted not only acts as an informative hub for upcoming events but also streamlines the reservation process, enhancing customer convenience.

Through our strategic social media endeavors, we propelled Madam Bonnie’s into the spotlight, garnering a devoted following that eagerly engages with their offerings. This digital buzz transcended into the physical realm as well, with Madam Bonnie’s securing features in prominent news outlets and articles, cementing their reputation as a key player in the Gaslamp community. Our results-driven approach has not only propelled their brand forward but also established Madam Bonnie’s as a beloved and influential establishment in their locale.

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