Culinary Chronicles Unveiled: RakiRaki’s Odyssey with Formula Marketing

The Challenge

As Formula Marketing, we embarked on a dynamic partnership with RakiRaki, an iconic Asian ramen haven nestled in Convoy, renowned for over a decade. Our mission was unequivocal: to amplify their brand resonance and intricately unravel the remarkable narratives that weave through RakiRaki.

The Formula

In pursuit of these aspirations, we turned our immediate focus to RakiRaki’s media presence, which yearned for enhancement. Leveraging a multifaceted approach, combining PR writers, social media virtuosos, and our robust San Diego County network, Formula Marketing orchestrated a media dominion for RakiRaki.

From coveted spots on Fox 5 and the pages of San Diego Magazine to a prestigious spot on the Zimmerman List, RakiRaki, alongside visionary head chef Junya Watanabe, has achieved resounding milestones in elevating their brand awareness.

The Results

Our strategic partnership with RakiRaki culminated in remarkable accomplishments, fundamentally transforming their brand’s landscape. Notably, their brand awareness has soared to new heights, reflected in their triumphant features on Fox 5 and in the esteemed San Diego Magazine.

Furthermore, securing a coveted spot on the Zimmerman List, an esteemed gastronomic recognition, stands as a testament to RakiRaki’s elevated prominence. Through our concerted efforts, RakiRaki has transcended their previous horizons, solidifying their position as a revered culinary destination deeply embedded in the heart of Convoy.

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