With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let’s talk about making the most out of marketing for holidays in 2020

This Valentine’s Day, while you are looking for the perfect bouquet, at Formula Marketing we will be busy making the rest of the arrangements for you and your business to have the perfect holiday campaign.

Here at Formula, we provide marketing for the hospitality and tourism industry so we know a thing or two about arranging a great date. Not every restaurant is built the same and what works for one business is not guaranteed to work for the next. Like any good hospitality marketing agency, our company spends months and years building brands and perfecting promotions for bars and restaurants in the hospitality industry so we can draw in the people that will most enjoy what they have to offer.

While building a brand takes time, build up your business by taking advantage of digital marketing for holidays around the year. You can make the most out of holiday marketing by utilizing the celebrated dates throughout the calendar that best corresponds to your respective industry. For example, in the restaurant industry, Valentine’s Day is going to take priority over a holiday like President’s Day, which could be better suited for sales in the auto industry.

Keep in mind, major national holidays are not the only important marketing days. Small, niche holidays, such as “National Cheese Lover’s Day” are fun marketing tools that bring awareness to your brand and can grow your customer base.

Marketing holiday deals for your business entails more than announcing it on Instagram and Facebook. Often times creating a special deal or price point means creating a new product altogether, staying open for alternative hours, or bringing in additional entertainment. Employees need to be trained on these new procedures, informed in advance for any possible change in schedule, and aware of all special pricing. In short, you want to prepare so holiday deals and distractions are stress-free as possible, and business life returns to normal the very next day.

To be successful in your holiday marketing, think about doing what your customers will want to be sharing. People love dressing up, posting pictures with friends, and going above and beyond during holidays, whether that means wearing a cow suit for free chicken or trying your new Christmas cocktail just because it has cookies. Never underestimate the power of social media for hospitality marketing! A great costume or themed campaign is both fun and engaging for your audience on social media.

Holiday marketing is one area of business where you have room to stretch your creative muscles. Don’t feel the need to fall in line with what your competitors are doing and get lost in the endless list of holiday specials. Plan a unique offering and prepare in advance for the best results, but don’t forget to have a little fun!

We have partnered with the San Diego Dining Group, owners of some of the finest eateries in the Gaslamp Quarter, to curate a memorable Valentine’s night at one of their four locations. Here is more information below, and you can find links to all of their websites for details.

  • Butcher’s Cut: This rustic-style eatery provides the perfect atmosphere for a night of romance and intimacy. Their pre-fixe Valentine’s dinner menu includes a starter, entree, sides, and a dessert, featuring a filet & lobster or a bone-in ribeye, grilled to perfection


  • Osetra Seafood & Steaks: Ostera provides a more classic fine-dining experience—with a three-story twist. Along with their pre-fixe dinner, enjoy a selection of some of the finest wine from their three-story wine tower, the only wine tower reaching such heights in all of California


  • Osteria Panevino: Spend the night in the city of love and experience the true essence of Italy in this Tuscan-style Italiano restaurant. The aromas of Italy will be brought to you right on your plate on their Valentine’s Day special menu including an ample selection of handmade pasta and antipasti.


  • Greystone Prime Steakhouse & Seafood: Last, but certainly not least, get a taste of royalty with Greystone’s pre-fixed “Queen of Hearts” three-course dinner menu, featuring crispy calamari, 10 oz Anges Filet Mignon—prime-aged to perfection—, and a miniature heart-shaped chocolate mousse to add the final touches to your romantic eve. Bring your queen out on Friday and the best-dressed couple will be winning a gift basket featuring a gift card to Greystone and complimentary champagne!