Outlining the Success of Meta Advertising Campaign for Intercontinental Coffee Trading

ICT Bar Graph

In an effort to raise profits through increased customer conversions, Formula Marketing has run a Meta Advertising campaign for Intercontinental Coffee Trading. The implementation of Meta Ads for ICT has been a major success by all accounts. Three key statistics can be used to measure performance, shown in the graph above.

  • 102% increase in average monthly website traffic.
  • 85% increase in contacts form leads.
  • 1200% increase in contact page views.

These numbers indicate the glaring benefits that ICT have gained from our campaign, and serve as a representation for the potential Meta Ad campaigns have to offer. 

The ability of our Meta Ad campaign to convert customers to clients is undeniable, but what is arguably more impressive is its efficiency. The efficiency of an ad is measured by its cost per click (CPC), which gives a good indication of how well an ad is performing with respect to the budget it’s given. The ICT campaign has maintained an exceptionally low overall CPC of $0.05. This has allowed us to deliver conversions while keeping ad budgets low, allowing for alternate allocations of funds.

ICT Line Graph