Now is the time for Businesses & Organizations to Pivot in Strategic Planning

Hiring a Credentialed Public Relations Expert is Key in Trying Times

One word, a dash⸻followed by the very last teen in double digits has ruled the world for months. We are all very well acquainted with this new invisible enemy. It has changed the way we view our lives and how we view the world. We are so familiar with the damage that this invisible enemy has caused there is no need to mention its dreaded name.

Enough is enough. We must acknowledge the fact that it exists and press forward.

It consumes the media, but should we let it consume us? The mere mention of the name sends shock waves to the psyche, and it can become stifling to the point that we lose focus. If we are not careful in the process of focusing on this enemy we become unaware we are losing focus on the things that matter the most in making adjustments and adapting to this new norm.

As a result of this invisible enemy many businesses and organizations face a new challenge.

The new challenge is how to effectively take action, develop a responsive message for customers/constituents and simply put, businesses and organizations must ‘pivot’ to strategically plan. One might ask, what exactly does “pivoting” mean?

For businesses and organizations in lay, ‘to pivot’, means to fundamentally change the way we view how we operate and make strategic changes. We must stand tall, center our mental core, and face change from on onward perspective. There is no need to focus on what has transpired when there is still much more we can do. Find opportunities for success, and do not acknowledge defeat. If you are reading this, you have been given a second chance. Today is full of new opportunities!

Formula Marketing has amped up its Public Relations department to help public figures, organizations and businesses pivot and thrive. While navigating a research based approach towards sustainability in this new unchartered territory brought on by a world crisis. Formula Mix the Public Relations department at Formula Marketing offers pivoting tips that we can specifically tailor to fit your business or organization’s needs. We have crafted 3-Tips to help your business or organization begin to examine what matters.

3-Tips from Formula Marketing & PR that Can Help Businesses & Organizations during Covid-19 :
  1. Adaptation

Having the ability to adjust current business strategy to inform different publics of changes in messaging, changes in hours of operation, marketing, implementation of government mandates into business practices and more, is necessary. We have solutions!

  1. Crisis Management Communication Planning

Every business and organization should have an active crisis communication plan in place. A crisis communication plan enables businesses and organizations to strategically plan how they will communicate messages to target audiences in the midst of a crisis. Formula Mix can develop a plan tailored to fit your needs that works

  1. Redirect your Focus

Do not get caught up in what is going on now. Focus on implementing strategic, effective short-term solutions that can be implemented now to address change. The ultimate goal is to find ways to solve current issues, while establishing a strategy that focuses on long-term goals. Focus on the bigger picture! Formula Marketing has the Formula Mix that your business needs. We mix different integrated marketing & communication (IMC) research driven strategies to help you redirect your focus!

Formula Mix, the PR Department at Formula Marketing is excited about the opportunity to work with small, local, national, international businesses and organizations to develop amplified research based plans to address business needs. Get into the mix! For more information about Formula Mix PR at Formula Marketing please contact:



From the desk of,Marlo Fulmore- PR Department Chair
Marlo Fulmore joined Formula Marketing in March 2020, as the Department Chair of (Formula Mix) at Formula Marketing. He holds a B.S. in Mass Communication (2010) from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke – Pembroke, NC, and a M.S. in Communication (2014) from Lasell University in Newton, MA. Fulmore resides in the Hillcrest borough of San Diego, CA.