Over the past years, we have seen a tremendous surge in businesses focusing more on public relations. At first glance, PR may seem not beneficial to a business, especially one that is growing. Although, PR is one of the most effective ways to build a solid marketing strategy and create awareness online.

Public relation is incredibly valuable to a business because it helps send the right message to the right people at the right place. At Formula Marketing, we work with our clients to help establish their customer base and promote their product or service to those individuals. Our agency has established alliances with many different news outlets, as well as influencers that help promote a business.

  1. Helps raise awareness: PR makes people aware that your business exists. When a business is consistent in its public relations program, it helps build a general awareness of your product, service, or brand.
  2. Attracts new customers: When a business receives press coverage on their product or service, it helps build credibility among customers. A positive press release resonates with customers more and it will influence them to choose your product or service over competitors that receive no press coverage.
  3. Draws investors: A carefully planned PR strategy can help attract investors to your brand, which is especially important if your business is new. A positive press coverage can make your business appear very well established and larger, which can help secure partnerships or funds.
  4. Draws employees: PR can help attract prospective employees. By marketing your business as an industry leader, it draws qualified individuals that wish to be employed by a successful business. A well-executed PR strategy helps a business grow externally and internally.

If a well-executed PR strategy is established, it can generate an outcome that is very satisfying to a business. PR is not just about attracting customers but also building a strong loyal customer base that is committed to the business and the service or products that it offers. PR has been beneficial to the growth of many businesses and it should be a cornerstone of a company’s marketing strategy.