For almost 20 years, Sara Arjmand worked in and managed numerous restaurants in the Gaslamp quarter and learned the ins and outs of the restaurant industry.

After watching even the best of them fall due to poor marketing strategies and lack of exposure, Arjmand was inspired to create her own “formula” for these struggling businesses.

The double-platform marketing strategy that Arjmand created allows users to track all social media activity to reach the maximum amount of customers while keeping total control of their business’s online presence.

Formula is an SEO company that utilizes search engine optimization to reach the largest audience possible.

With our platform, it has never been easier for your business to perform the necessary task of managing your social media and optimize your local search engines all in one place.

Formula intends to provide the space and tools for you to engage with your web audience and achieve a level of success greater than any other marketing agency.

On top of the use of the platform, the team at Formula’s main focus areas include social media, influencer outreach, email and content marketing, web development, public relations and outreach services, and graphic and logo design to help your business thrive.

Word of mouth is no longer a viable business practice and we at Formula are dedicated to making your restaurant or businesses be seen and known in the greater San Diego area.

The fact of the matter is, we understand industry because we ARE industry. With the technology your customers are using constantly evolving, you must too. Let us create the formula needed for the evolution of your business.