Helping Your Business In Times of Uncertainty

Owning and operating a restaurant can be very difficult, and COVID has not made it any easier. COVID has changed the way that restaurant owners do business. With times like this, it is a vital ingredient to be efficient on how to spend restaurant funds. Many restaurants have turned to the of use third-party services for ordering online, take-out, and delivery. This is helpful to some restaurants, but to others, it proves to be detrimental. Most of these third parties charge up to 30%, which can be the profit that most restaurants make. During these times it is important to be resourceful and think outside the box. It has become important that restaurant owners team up with a marketing agency that can help guide them through the pandemic. Knowing the ins and outs is essential to surviving through the pandemic. Formula Marketing has been in the hospitality and restaurant industry for over a decade. We have created the perfect formula for understanding the fundamentals of a successful business. Marketing is one of the many important key factors in helping a business succeed. Partnering up with a marketing agency can help you save the percentage you pay to third parties by creating more efficient means to order-online. In addition, it can help you maintain your presence on social media platforms. This has become a crucial point in the past year because more individuals are on their phones and they are interested in knowing what is happening with their favorite restaurants. Consistently updating your social media platform and website will help stay connected with your guests and it gives them a better understanding of what is happening with your business.

COVID-19 Marketing Tips to Drive Revenue

  1. Communicate: Let your customers know you are opened for takeout and delivery through social media, email, or your website. Keep customers updated on hours, special offerings, deals, safety measures, and remind them their business is what is keeping your business running.
  2. Share a new menu: Show your customers new items on your menu when they order online for delivery or pick-up.
  3. Promote gift cards: Your customers are looking for ways to support their local business. Offer gift cards for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, to donate to local hospitals, or to save it for a later time to use.
  4. Check-in with delivery partners: check on the support and promos your delivery partners are offering. Boost free delivery to your customers on social media, website, any more customers look.
  5. Add beer and wine to your To-Go Menu: Offer your drink menu with a different selection of food.
  6. Provide meals for healthcare workers. Consider supporting your community by soliciting donations and providing meals to healthcare workers and others on the front lines of fighting this virus.
  7. Feature your customers on your social media: As your customers post about their takeout and delivery experience repost it to your social media accounts. Ask your audience what they want to see and create story polls to keep them active on your page.
  8. Go live on Instagram or Facebook: Show your customers how the magic happens by taking them behind the scenes of your restaurant.
  9. Offer meal kits and family meals: Offer customers favorites in larger orders to limit the number of times they come to your business. Keep them plenty of food to last for a week.