Marketing during Covid-19 Times
Its a new era: How to impose your digital strategy to your audience

The COVID-19 stay at home orders around the world are causing major economic impacts, but one key benefit that we have in modern society is the internet. How to strengthen your digital marketing strategy during this pandemic. The power of the internet has increased the connectivity, which has enabled many businesses to continue operation despite not being able to open their physical stores.

Under these circumstances, positioning your product and brand is the key and a priority. The new ways of digital marketing during Covid-19 has become the new trending ways of doing online and digital marketing. With the screen-times on the rise, its important to your SEO and content marketing. With the search engine algorithms constantly changing, some useful SEO hacks might help you land on the first page of google search. The conversation rate for SEO is 14.6% beating the 1.7% conversation rate for outbound methods.

Social commerce brands are now selling their products directly in their social platforms. Making shoppable stories and posts is an easy and convenient way of making a sale on all social platforms. As the screen-time is increasing, running ads on social media has increasingly become more popular and an essential. Doing polls and quizzes has been on a rise on social media as well. The audiance on social media enjoy the interaction now more than before

Communicate with empathy. While marketing during Covid be sure to be sensitive and gentle while promoting your brand. The business of marketing is changing in the age of COVID-19. Make your content relatable and encourage feedback. Recognize and be aware of the needs and difficult times that your audience might be going through.

Send out more email blasts that before, find a topic to stay connected with your audience.

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