We are so excited to announce the launch of our exclusive influencer group, Formie! Influencer marketing is the future of social media marketing. Research shows that consumers are much more likely to purchase from a person they trust on social media. Influencer marketing is incredibly profitable and has exponential potential with the right nurturing. Here at Formula, we have been actively growing our influencer network over the last few years. However, we envisioned more than just work relationships but a community, and thus, Formie was born! Those invited to join Formie are the best of the best influencers each with different audiences to reach. They are excellent content creators and trusted by their respective niches. When the Formie group comes in for an event you can expect your business to be trending on social media with up to 500,000 to 1,000,000 impressions! Book your Formie event today and get rapid exposure for your business.