Outlining the Success of Meta Advertising Campaign for La Clochette

The Meta advertising campaign run by Formula Marketing for La Clochette serves as a textbook example of the ability of Meta advertisements’ to drive consumers towards an establishment both effectively and while maintaining efficient budgeting. Here’s a look at a few advertisements within the campaign:

ads overview

Although all of these numbers can be used to outline the success of an advertisement, the click through rate (CTR) and the cost per link click are good ways to analyze the effectiveness of an advertisement. A high click through rate ( >5%) demonstrates the ad’s ability to entice consumers to engage. Alternatively, a low cost per link click (<$0.30) indicates an effective usage of the provided budget in creating conversions. The measurements for all three ads display exceptional performance in both categories.

An alternate general traffic advertisement was also run as a part of La Clochette’s campaign. Continuing the trend, the ad recorded exceptionally in all categories, namely impressions (45,971), CTR (10.29%), and cost per link click ($0.12). These numbers indicate the impact that our campaign has had on La Clochette, and serve as a further representation of the potential of Meta advertising campaigns.

Our advertisements were graded by Meta’s analysis software to be performing above average in key rankings, including conversion rate, engagement rate, and quality. That being said, La Clochette’s campaign isn’t anything special. These results can be replicated for restaurants and businesses across San Diego, with the help of Formula Marketing’s team.